Erich Deiss

Natural Scientist

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President of the Astronomical Society Baden. Frequent astronomical presentations in the own and in other astronomical societies. Viewing the sky with the telescope and making astrophotography.
Choral Singing

Tenor of the Ref. Church Choir of Zurzach and member of the executive board

My most distant known paternal ancestors lived in Oberzeihen (today Aargau, Switzerland) at the beginning of the 17th century. My most distant known maternal ancestors lived in the Emmental in the 18th century.

Why am I here?  How should I live? Does God exist? Such questions make life interesting.
Geschichte History
SportMember of the Historical Society of the Region of Zurzach
Member of the Swiss Association for Anabaptist History
    (some family members of my maternal ancestors were anabaptists in the Bernease Jura)


20 km (13 miles) per week in the forest (mens sana in corpore sano)